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The Board of Fire Commissioners and staff recognized six Naval Officers fore their heroic efforts in helping to perform a recent river rescue.  On July 4th, Petty Officers Daniel Harrison, Bobby Garneau, Cody Machajewski, Justin Benoit, and Matthew Milby, and Seaman Casey Clark were enjoying some “R & R” on the banks of the Nisqually River when they heard cries for help from upriver.  When they saw an unconscious man floating down river, one of them entered the water and directed the lifeless victim to shore where the entire team then took turns administering CPR until LFD3 EMTs and Paramedics arrived.  The victim was then taken to St. Peter Hospital and is now recovering at home with his family.

Great work by all involved and a good reminder to everyone on the importance of learning CPR!


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Lacey Fire District 3 recently underwent a voluntary reevaluation with the Washington Survey and Rating Bureau (WSRB) and received an improved classification throughout the District’s unincorporated service area. The WSRB evaluates all fire districts and cities throughout Washington State and rates them on a 1 to 10 scale based on multiple factors including fire department staffing, equipment, and training.   Building and fire code enforcement, public education activities, water supply systems, and the 911 communications system are also evaluated during the process to determine a community’s overall score.

A “Class 1” is the highest possible rating but there are none of these in Washington State. There are only four “Class 2” communities in the entire state and they are all within King County. Lacey Fire District 3 partnered with the City of Lacey back in 2006 to become what is now one of only thirty “Class 3” cities in the state. At that time, the remainder of Lacey Fire District 3’s service area received either a “Class 4 or 5” rating depending on whether or not a fire hydrant was within one thousand feet of a property parcel.

Following the latest evaluation and based largely on current staffing, training, and water system enhancements, the entire fifty-four square mile area of Lacey Fire District 3’s unincorporated service area will now also have a “Class 3” rating within one thousand feet of a fire hydrant. There are only nine other fire districts in the state with this rating for their unincorporated areas. The primary impact of this enhancement for property owners is to help reduce or control the costs of property insurance. Generally speaking, the better a community’s protection class rating, the lower the cost to insure homes and businesses.

Residents and business owners within Lacey Fire District 3 are encouraged to contact their insurance companies to understand how their premiums are calculated and the potential impacts of the new rating. Please contact the District’s Headquarters at (360) 491-2410 for more information on a property’s location, or other District information.

CAC title barThe Citizens Advisory Committee will meet on Wednesday, September 17th at 5:30 p.m. at the Steilacoom Rd. Fire Station.

Just a reminder that each month we post a newsletter to our community highlighting activities and news that we hope will be of interest to you.  Be sure to click on the Community Dispatch link in the column to the right to view current and past issues.  If you have questions about the newsletter or story suggestions for us, please feel free to email info@laceyfire.com.  We really like to hear from you.

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