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District Headquarters

Lacey Fire District 3 Headquarters
1231 Franz Street SE
Lacey, WA 98503-2412

Phone: 360-491-2410 Fax: 360-491-2806

Lacey Fire District 3 Headquarters

Lacey Fire District 3 Headquarters

Station 31 District Headquarters is our newest, largest and busiest station, located in downtown Lacey and serving a population area of over 32,000 residents. Our headquarters office is also home to Truck 31. When an emergency requires certain rescue skills and specialized equipment, Truck 31 is ready to respond. The 105-foot aerial ladder truck provides our responders with advanced capabilities and resources for rescue operations, roof access, elevated lighting, forcible entry and high-volume water flow. Not only a resource for high elevation rescue, the truck can also be used for other emergency operations. For example, if a car careens off the road into a ravine, the ladder can be used as a pulley or extension for expedient rescues.Additional services offered through our headquarters include:

  • Emergency medical services.
  • Fire and rescue response.
  • Special operations response, including static water, hazardous materials and low-angle rope rescue.
  • Blood pressure checks.
  • Speedy Spotter locator signs
  • Senior driving program.
  • Bicycle helmet fittings for children and adults.

We thank our supportive community for helping us provide the highest quality emergency services. In 2000, voters in Lacey Fire District 3 and the City of Lacey approved a general obligation bond measure to support and improve our capabilities. We’ve used our resources wisely to best serve the community through the acquisition of advanced fire and rescue equipment and by building new fire stations strategically located in the community-closest to people as possible. In an emergency situation – including fire, flood, serious car accidents, heart attacks, strokes and more – every minute counts, The closer we are to you, the faster we can get to you.

Nearly every 55 minutes of every day, one of our emergency response teams is on its way to help a citizen of our community. In addition, many more individuals access our non-emergency services by visiting or calling one of our fire stations. This website offers one more way for you to communicate with us.

Our team of firefighters, paramedics, officers, and support staff extends its sincere appreciation for your support and encouragement. Together, we are truly Making A Difference.

Lacey Fire District 3 Fire Stations: