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New Station 34 Construction Project

Photos and information as construction progresses at New Station 34 are posted here. Scroll down to see the most recent photos. 

August 2019 –
Tree removal and ground clearing for New Station 34

October 2019- Dirt preparations for building footings

October 2019- Foundation work

November 2019-
An aerial view of the station footprint

December 2019 – Slab pouring in process

December 2019 – Slab work is progressing

December 2019 –
Vertical construction has begun.

Early January 2020 – Interior walls

Early January 2020- More work on interior walls

January 2020- Exterior framing for bay doors

January 2020 – Preparing for roof over dorm rooms

January 2020 – From the northeast vantage point, exterior walls of the apparatus bay are forming.

January 2020 – Ceiling joists and exterior walls of the dorm rooms.

January 2020 – Exterior walls from the southeast vantage point