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When a neighbor or loved one is sick or injured, when a house or structure is on fire, when an auto accident snarls traffic and results in injury . . . Lacey Fire District 3 responds quickly to your need.

Approximately 4% of our calls are fire related and 76% are emergency medical situations

Approximately 4% of our calls are fire related and 76% are emergency medical situations

Since its beginnings in 1948, Lacey Fire District 3 has grown to five stations, covering 70 square miles and a growing population of 79,450 residents. On an average day, District fire fighters-EMTs respond to a call about every 55 minutes. In 2007 alone, the District answered more than 10,000 calls, including 8,110 for emergency medical services.

Approximately four percent of our calls are fire related; 76 percent are emergency medical situations; and the remaining calls are service-related.

In addition to fire, emergency and rescue services, the Lacey Fire District 3Operations Division provides a wide range of fire-related services to the community. Firefighters perform regular code compliance inspections in the City of Laceybusiness community as per the schedule established by the Lacey Building Department. For more information about scheduling an inspection, visit the Lacey Online – Building, Planning and Zoning Web site.

Additional services provided by Lacey Fire District 3 include hydrant flushes, fire hose and pumper service tests, community safety education to hundreds of school children, station tours, and maintenance of apparatus, equipment and facilities.

More Services

services_rescue1Emergency Rescue Services
Auto accidents, falls and industrial accidents are just a few of the rescue services we provide.

services_fireFire & Emergency Services
District fire fighters-EMTs respond to a wide range of fire incidences.

services_medicalMedical Services
From heart attack to auto accident injuries, Lacey Fire District 3 provides vital services.

services_healthHealth Services
Find out about community CPR and first aid classes.