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Budget & Finance

Dale Hough – Finance Director

Our priority as a fire district is to provide the most effective public safety services possible while stewarding well the financial resources that our citizens have entrusted to us.

Just like everyone else, the current economic climate has created significant challenges in maintaining our desired levels of service.

The LFD3 Finance Team

All District staff have been diligent in their efforts to maintain our financial health.  Adjustments in health benefits coupled with regional partnerships for vehicle maintenance and repair have allowed the District to lower the costs associated with wages and benefits by over 8% in a single year.  We do not anticipate the need for further staff reductions this year and are already planning for how best to weather the challenges of an extended economic recovery.

We will continue to invest in the training and safety of our most valuable resources, our personnel, along with maintaining the sound financial practices of expanding reserves and capital replacement funds.  Please feel free to contact the District if you have any questions regarding our budgeting or financial practices.

How Our Money Is Spent

To view the 2020 Budget for Lacey Fire District 3 click here. 

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