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Employment Opportunities

Lacey Fire District 3 strives to hire the best candidates for firefighter positions. Our goal is to employ individuals who are well qualified and dedicated to a career in fire service.

truckshosesPlease select a job title for more information about employment opportunities with Lacey
Fire District 3


 Administrative Career Opportunities Lacey Fire is recruiting for the position of Logistics Technician to manage a variety of facilities-related systems, processes and functions for the District.  This position will coordinate with service vendors and fulfill facilities-related purchases and distribution of supplies. To learn more, click here. 


Volunteer OpportunitiesLacey Fire District 3 offers a variety of volunteer opportunities and the chance to make a difference in people’s lives. Read more here.


Employment opportunities for Firefighters.

Paramedic / Firefighter

Paramedic/Firefighters employment opportunities.


Volunteer opportunities… Help make a difference!