October is Fire Prevention Education Month!

For 50 years during October we’ve been in Lacey area schools delivering our Fire Prevention Education Month messages.  This year, we’re doing things a bit different, and are bringing all Kindergarten through 2nd graders our annual messages in virtual format.  Below you will find our videos and printable worksheets for each grade level, plus keep scrolling down for videos for all age groups to tour Engine 34, and learn more about Medic 3.    Please use and share this material with your friends and family! 


Click here to download a Fire Prevention color sheet! 

1st Grade

Click here to print a Fire Prevention color sheet!   

2nd Graders

There are two videos to for 2nd graders!  Be sure to watch the EDITH video first! 

Click here to make your home fire escape plan.  

More videos for all ages! 


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