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Outdoor Burning Permits (Residential)

Beginning October 15th, Residential Outdoor Burn Permits – for those areas of the District where outdoor burning is allowed – will be available online only through

If you do not have computer access, you may call 360-539-7610 to receive assistance with obtaining a burn permit.


Outdoor Burning Rules for Lacey Fire District 3

Lacey and Urban Growth Area of Lacey:
campfireRecreational fires are allowed, but must adhere to the the standards established by the Olympic Regional Clean Air Agency (ORCAA).  

  • Maximum size 3 feet in diameter
  • Burn only clean dry firewood or charcoal
  • Fire must be 25 feet from any combustible materials, building, structure, or standing timber 
  • Be aware of your local wind and weather; You are responsible for the smoke you produce.  Creating nuisance smoke is illegal and may result in fines.  If wind will carry smoke toward your neighbor, don’t light the fire! 
  • Trash burning is illegal at all times. 

For more detailed information, visit the ORCAA website here

Outside of city limits  and Urban Growth Area:
Recreational fires are allowed all year round. (See above for details.)

A permit may be obtained for Residential burning October 16th – July 14th. This burn permit allows citizens to burn up to a 10x10x5 pile of natural vegetation. Residential burning is the outdoor burning of leaves, clippings, and other yard and gardening natural refuse.  Burning rules and regulations are listed on the burn permit.

This permit expires July 14th every year due to the high fire season from mid July through mid October. A permit may be obtained online (  To protect life, property, and air quality, the permit does have limitations. Read it carefully!

  • At times of high fire danger, permits will not be issued.
  • Individuals who violate the burn ban will be fined.
  • It is illegal to burn garbage at any time.

If you are unsure if you reside within the city of Lacey or Urban Growth Area (UGA)  or outside the UGA, go to the Thurston County Geodata site, choose “Property Information Report” and enter your address.  Within the parcel information, your residence’s jurisdiction can be found in the Zoning section and is listed as “Permitting Jurisdiction”.  Scroll down further to “Residential Outdoor Burning” for more information specific to your address..

Land Clearing Burn Permits:
(Olympic Region Clean Air Agency) issues residential land clearing permits. They are valid for thirty days and come with a $100 fee.

DNR Land Clearing Burn Permits:
Environmental and commercial land clearing permits are issued by DNR. Permits are valid from October 1st – June 30th.

Due to high fire danger DNR issues a “FIRE DANGER” burn ban from July 1stthrough September 30th.

If you have additional questions about outdoor burning, please contact ORCAA at 360-539-7610.

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