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When a neighbor or loved one is sick or injured, when a house or structure is on fire, when an auto accident snarls traffic and results in injury . . . Lacey Fire District 3 responds quickly to your need.

Since its beginnings in 1948, Lacey Fire District 3 has grown to five stations, covering 70 square miles and a growing population of  approximately 96,000 residents.

Our personnel respond to more than 13,500 requests for emergency services annually.  Averaging 37 calls per day with a 20 minutes on-scene time, our crews spend more than 12 hours per day on emergency scenes.  Emergency medical services (EMS) and rescue responses are the highest frequency requests in our community and comprise about 77% of our call volume.

In addition to fire, emergency and rescue services, Lacey Fire District 3 is an active partner in the community. You will find District presence at the Lacey Fun Fair, Thurston County Fair, on the Santamobile, at numerous local school safety education functions and at numerous City of Lacey events.


More Services

services_rescue1Emergency Rescue Services
Auto accidents, falls and industrial accidents are just a few of the rescue services we provide.

services_fireFire & Emergency Services
District fire fighters-EMTs respond to a wide range of fire incidences.

services_medicalMedical Services
From heart attack to auto accident injuries, Lacey Fire District 3 provides vital services.

services_healthHealth Services
Find out about community CPR and first aid classes.


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